How Can Elmedia Take The Place Of Airserver?


If you are familiar with iTunes, then you must have heard of the streaming program called AirServer. It has been on the market for long, but it isn’t updated quite well. It has several drawbacks that make it undesirable among many. AirServer is great because the participating device may stream the very same video or music through the program. But devices do need something better that will take the place of AirPlay. The new thing can be Elmedia Player Pro as it is jam-packed with all the features of AirServer and has even more to offer.

Features that Elmedia Player Pro has to offer:

  • Elmedia has full support for AirPlay and its streaming devices. It accepts audio, and video files streamed from AirPlay devices, and it can also stream the music or video files to other supported devices. It may also help in enabling the use of AirPlay in Apple TV.
  • As music is one of the most streamed things, Elmedia is able to do it in all AirPlay supported devices. For the newest version of Apple devices only music streaming is allowed but the other features will be launched soon. But the older version of Apple users can easily avail all features.
  • Elmedia is able to support several formats, even those which AirPlay cannot. Converting video files wouldn’t be a hassle anymore. Elmedia is also able to stream video and audio from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, To Apple TV with the help of the option called Open Online Video. Even subtitles and soundtracks can be added.
  • Elmedia Player PRO is a player and video downloader, but also it can be an AirServer alternative. It isn’t only just a streamer but also a very good video player as well. It also has the ability to attach itself to different browsers for added benefits. It also has a browser built in it to help people in searching files like external soundtrack and subtitles. It also comes with a 10-band Equalizer.

We hope that Elmedia Player Pro really helps you in enhancing your streaming experiences. Elmedia is one of the most loved streaming apps that people have used for an apple device. If you have been looking for apps like AirServer Mac, then this is the best app to go for. The enhanced and added features will also help you in having a better experience with your Apple devices at the end of the day.